The project aims at raising flood risk awareness with citizens and SME's and at making these groups more resilient.

This will be done by providing an information back bone for both professionals and citizens that can help both groups in their preparations for a flood. The back bone will consist of a digital part, a wiki based database, where all interested can easily find information needed. Next to that public information centres will be set up. A mobile one in East Flanders, a fixed one in the Zeeland Flood Museum.

The development of new flood risk campaigns will become part of the back bone. Research shows that general campaigns aiming at large groups in a large area are not successful. The campaigns developed in Flood Aware will therefore have a regional character and aim at specific target groups. Zeeland aims at SME's, East Flanders at children and Somerset County Council at rural communities. These target groups are invited to participate in the campaign development process. The use of modern communication tools such as apps and 3D visualisation techniques will play an important role.